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You all want the best wedding photographer to shoot your wedding. But who is the best? Is it the one with the highest prices? Possibly, but not necessarily – marketing is a powerful thing, it can make people loose their minds. Who said quality wedding photography has to be expensive? Marketing people? Unfortunately, professional wedding photography is the field where a high price tag does not necessarily guarantee high quality of the product and service. Too many people paying big money to their wedding photographers get disappointed with the results. What’s best for you? You may be smart enough to avoid the marketing hype and look for the best value for money. If you are on a budget and are looking for a reasonably priced wedding photographer, have a look at packages I offer. While you probably would not call it cheap, you are likely to find it affordable.

Wedding Photography Options
20x16 inch
Canvas Wrap

My relaxed style of shooting allows me to capture images that are spontaneous and real. Document your day as it happens from the preparations to the last detail. I will not tell you what to do and how to act but allow you to be yourself and enjoy your wedding day.

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Whether we have photographed at your wedding venue before or not, we will always make the time before your wedding to visit your venue to get a feel of the location and surroundings. We would be happy to meet with you at the venue to discuss any suggestions you may have.

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